Garden Fence or Gate On It’s Way Out?


Britain receives it’s fair share of stormy weather which can relentlessly bombard our fences & gates and all the rain sitting on the ground can slowly decay the fence posts.

Simply put, if we don’t look after our timber garden fences & gates, they can let us down by collapsing, this will usually occur during periods of stormy weather and high winds. Your fence or gate falling over may compromise your security and safety while also causing the problem of needing to replace it at an inconvenient time.

So what’s the solution? Well, there are things that you can do so you don’t get caught out. We will explain how below. Also, if your fence or gate is beyond economical repair, we can also recommend how we can help you by installing a new garden fence or gate for a low cost.

Inspect your fence posts

At first glance, your fence or gate may look fine, especially if you’ve painted your garden fence or gate over the summer.

However, your garden fence or gate may still collapse because the timber posts that meet the ground can simply decay and rot in the cold/wet weather.

Because British ground is often wet, and our outside temperatures are often cool it creates the ideal environment for wood rot to set into the fence or gate, and for the fence or gate posts to decay at a faster rate.

Does your fence move too much?

People choose various fence companies to install their fence or gate, but some companies fail to dig the fence post holes to the required depth. This can mean that the timber fence or gate can start to rock and move about in the wind.

If your timber fence moves too much over time, the whole fence will feel the stress and start to weaken. 
For instance, the fence panels, or the featheredge boards may come loose or start to split.

Has the right timber been used?

If incorrect timber has been used to construct your fence or gate, then the fence or gate is likely to rot a lot quicker. So, do make sure you choose a fencing company that will use the right sort of tanalised timber for your wooden fence or gate.

Could your fence be repaired?

Sometimes your fence will be in really good condition apart from the rotting timber fence posts. If your fence looks in good shape but there is a lot of movement in some of the fence posts, book a quotation with us. We will inspect your fence and give you a professional opinion as to either go for a fence repair or a full fence replacement.

Is it simply time for a new fence?

We can offer you an affordable price to replace your entire garden fence or gate. We install quality timber fences & gates within Newport & surrounding areas.

To receive a no obligation quote, simply give us a call?